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Is Using an Essay Writing Service Cheating

If we were to give you a one word answer, its NO. Some may have shed a negative light on such services by labeling essay writing agencies as helping creating cheaters out of students. However, using an essay writing service is just like hiring a personal tutor or using a book for instance.

Our assignments are completely original and free of plagiarism. It is for you to not hand in the assignments as your own because that would be plagiarism. But if you use our service as a reference and learn from our assignments as to how you could have approached your assignment better, it is perfectly alright.

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  • Assignment writing services such as ours are here to help you with your assignments so that you can tackle the pressures of academic life without getting stressed out. You can compare the help given by us to the help which you would take from your parents, your friends, essay help books, online homework help, with the difference that the help you get here is focused, specific and pertaining to your subject.
  • You may have doubts on the merits of getting your assignment written by external services, but we assure you that you don’t need to worry. Each assignment which our writers craft is original and well researched. We take your specifications into consideration including at what level it is needed and work step by step with you.
  • Also, there is nothing wrong with taking help when you need it. For example, if your tutors are too hard pressed for time to help you with minor details, it is better to take help than get into a bad situation with regard to your grades.
  • In addition, how you use the assignments is entirely unto you. You can choose to use portions of the essay or adapt it to your requirements are needed, if you are still feeling unsure.
  • Taking our help you with the assignments would be even more beneficial if English is not your first language. As the standard of English is very high in the UK, taking this help with help you read, understand and rewrite the essays in your own hand, if you need it.
  • The assignments we create for you are entirely personalised based on your requirements and needs and are not meant for sale or distribution to anyone else. So there is no question of using someone else’s material to create a duplicate for you. This is unlike a paper mill that sells the very same essays year after year to new students.
  • You can use our assignments as templates for future essays. By reading our essays, you can learn more about writing good assignments i.e. the kind of language, formats etc and use this knowledge to write your own unaided assignments. This is a part of learning, where an aid may be required in the beginning, which can be let go off when you have outgrown the need for it.

Our personalised services will ensure that you have nothing to worry. So let go of your doubts and avail a good 20% discount on your first assignment.

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