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We make sure every assignment we write is of top-notch quality

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UK Writers work on all assignments and deliver high quality work

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1. What kind of writing services do you provide and how are you different? 

Our most unique feature is that we are not shy of hard work. We are the only professional assignment writing service that sends you regular progress notifications and encourage you to get back to us with any changes you may need. The average amount of time we spend on an assignment is at least 100% higher than the amount of time an average company in this industry spends on an assignment. 

Secondly, we are the only company that is happy to refund you one hundred percent of your order amount should the assignment be found plagiarised. We don’t expect you to give us a chance to amend it. Should a situation like this arise, your amount is refunded to you- no questions asked. We also grant you a full refund if your assignment deadline is well past. No other company ever does this.

As far as our services are concerned, our essay writing services undertake all kinds of writing right from reports, term papers, assignments, essays, question & answer reports, and dissertations. We cover essays and assignments from college level on wards. We are also able to provide writing according to the level you may need. So for instance, if the language expectations are not very high, we can provide you with simple essays. But for more scholastic purposes, you can get better writers for appropriate quality.

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2. How fast can I get my assignments?

We offer different deadlines right from a few hours to a few weeks. How soon you want your assignment is complete up to you, but we suggest you give the research ample time to research the topic, collate information, and write a high quality assignment. Depending on the subject, the difficulty level and the amount of research needed, our writers will adjust and tailor the work according to your requirements.

3. How do I know about how my assignment is progressing?

We will be in regular contact with you regarding the progress of your assignment. We shall be sending you drafts of the work as it gets done so that any revision requests can be entertained without waiting for your deadline. You are free to send in your suggestions for improvements and any last minute changes as long as they are too much for the last minute.

4. What are the payment methods? How secure it is?

We offer many safe and secure methods about making payments through our websites such as through Paypal, credit cards, and debit cards. You can choose to avail of any of these safe banking methods to make your payment. Once your payment is processed, your request will be dispatched to the pool of efficient writers.

5. How do I know that the writing is original?

We believe in originality. Our writers are selected after rigorous screening and are well aware of the best practices of writing as well as the stringent copyright and anti plagiarism requirements of universities. Our writers are trained in all the rules regarding copyright and take plagiarism quite seriously. They check and recheck their work to ensure that deliberate plagiarism is avoided. Still, we have a full money back guarantee if your assignment is found to be plagiarised.


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